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Leko Trans | Besakih and Kerta Gosa one day Tour

Besakih Temple and Kertagosa Tourist is one of Bali Tour Packages to visit Besakih, the biggest temple in Bali. On the way to Besakih, there are several places of interest will be visited like Kerta Gosa and Bukit Jambul. Besakih Temple is located in bevel side southwest of Agung Mount and it is consisted of many temples with each temple building owns the meaning and function as according to belief of Balinese Hindu.

On the way of your tour, the Indonesia Buffet lunch menu is served at local restaurant with breathtaking view of rice terrace to complete the tour to be your memorable one also visit Goa Lawah temple as Sad Kayangan temple. The end of the tour you stop at Kerta Gosa is an open house as jurisdiction place where the king announce the legislation, jurisdiction, penalization. This tour is very exciting to visit the famous tourist destinations in Bali with our professional guide and private air-conditioning Vehicle transfer.

The Tour Start and Pick up at 08.30am Hotel


  • Pick up at the hotel
  • Visit Kerta Gosa is an open house as jurisdiction place
  • Visit Bukit Jambul is a beautiful place a green hill and rice terrace
  • Visit Besakih temple It is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali with full of religious ambience
  • Enjoy lunch at local restaurant in Bukit Jambul
  • Visit Goa Lawah temple is a shrine cave where thousands of bats
  • Back to hotel

Places of interest will be visited during Besakih Tour

justice at kerta gosa klungkung baliKerta Gosa and Taman Gili Building can not be separated with the establishment of Semara Pura Palace. The Semara Pura Palace is established by I Dewa Agung Djambe, the first king of Klungkung around 1686. Kerta Gosa is founded in 18 century and it has a lot of changed in 20 century. These building have been renovated after earthquake that brought much destroy in year 1971. The most unique of this building is the ceiling made from the asbestos material fully decorated by the traditional painting with Kamasan style famous in 1930. Thirty years later in 1960, Pan Semaris Putra from Pan Seken has restored and renewed according to the original style. The ceiling of Taman Gili Building that is fully decorated by the traditional painting to persuade the violators to not repeat the offense (recidivism) because the Hindu society in Bali have heard the story of Bima Swarga that has been visualized on this building. Realized and believed, beside of the prison sentence they got, it has been waiting for the punishment of the hereafter is more terrible and feared in form of fire prosecution by Cikabakala. Hopefully, after the seeing these visuals, the violators realize against the crime resulted in suffering, hence it can prevent the recidivism.

rice terrace at bukit jambul baliBukit Jambul is located in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali Island. From Denpasar City, we take about 1,5 hours drive away using vehicles. Bukit Jambul is the name of hill where there is a large banyan tree growing on the top of hill like crest so that the local people give it name as Bukit Jambul where Bukit is means hill, meanwhile Jambul is means crest. This place become famous because it was inspired by the most amazing scenery with rice terrace, winding road underneath and palm trees stretching to the sea It is situated in the plateau area that is always covered by cool temperatures that make it as an ideal place for relaxation. Many tourists over stop at this place and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view everyday in particular. This place is also supported by the existing of local restaurants offering best selection of Indonesian and international menus for tourists who visit it. The tourist will be pampered by the beautiful scenery with amazing panorama including the fresh tropical atmosphere sweep the entire area.

besakih temple of mother templeBesakih Temple is the biggest Hindu Temple in Bali that is famous called by Mother Temple located in Besakih Village, Rendang District and Karangasem Regency. It is situated on the southwest slope of Agung Mount and blessed by the beautiful natures, cool temperatures and peaceful atmospheres. Besakih Temple is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali and many visited by domestic and foreign tourists. The location on the foot of mountain is deliberately choose based on believe that Agung Mount is the highest mountain in Bali Island like the high and secret of Agung Mahameru Mount at the heaven. In Hindu philosophy, five gods (Panca Dewata) is a manifestation of Shiva God and move over complex become 10 gods (Eka Dasa Rudra) includes Iswara God, Mahaeswara God, Brahma God, Rudra God, Mahadewa God, Sangkara God,  Wisnu God, Sambu God, Siwa God, Sadasiwa God and Paramasiwa God. Ancient relics existed at Besakih Temple complex can be classified into 2 types those are the relics belonging to the megalithic tradition and classic tradition.

bat cave temple at klungkung baliGoa Lawah is a unique Hindu temple set in front of the cliff rock hill called Bukit Tengah, set at Pesinggahan Village, Dawan District and Klungkung Regency or about 50 km from Denpasar City to the east side direction. On the north side of the main temple area, there is a nature cave dwelt by thousand of bats. The beautiful black sandy beach stretch along the coastal with several small traditional huts for salt making just located in south of temple area. The temple ceremony at Goa Lawah Temple is based on 2 types, namely Piodalan Ceremony and Ngusaba Ceremony. Both ceremonies are taking the same time on the day Anggara Kliwon Medangsia (based on Balinese calendar ‘Tuesday’) every 6 month (210 days). Ngusaba Ceremony offerings are added with ‘Pakebon Offerings’ (the offering use buffalo) especially held in front of cave and usually led by Ida Pedanda (Hindu Priest). The main purposes of those ceremonies are to worship God in one manifestation of Shiva Lord in this aspect as Maheswara God to keep the strong of the universe potential.

Daily Tour
2 - 5 persons
6 - 10 persons
11 - 16 persons
Besakih and Kertagosa Tour
USD 45/ person
USD 40/ person
USD 35/ person
Vehicle + Driver + Gas
IDR 450.000/ vehicle
IDR 650.000/ Mini bus
IDR 850.000/ Minibus

Besakih & Kertagosa Tour all inclusive:

~ For single traveler additional 50% charge
~ Entrance Ticket at temple
~ Buffet Lunch at Bukit Jambul Restaurant
~ Child under 10 years old 50% discount
~ Infant under 3 years Free of charge
~ Reasonable and fair price, that means NO HIDDEN FEES.
~ Payment either in USD, Rupiah, or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates.
~ Payment by Credit Card required 3% additional charge.
~ Private tour, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion

Charter Vehicle with driver
  • Private air conditioned coach
  • Driver and Gassoline

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